Introduction to UnaConnect

UnaConnect is a gateway between the SIGFOX Backend and your IoT applications. Being a cloud-based serverless solution, UnaConnect allows millions of devices to safely and reliably communicate. Its API and graphical user interfaces (UnaConnect Web Console and Mobile Console) offer all the tools to transform your infrastructure into a fully-featured IoT solution.
This documentation is divided into 3 sections :
  • Quick start tutorial
  • Guides
  • API documentation
If you are a first time user, we recommend following the tutorial designed to walk you through the process of creating your first group, adding a device, and configuring it. Once these steps are completed, UnaConnect will start collecting the received messages and be ready to deliver them to you through the connectors you will set up. For further details, we prepared guides with more in-depth information.
Developers will find all the information they need to use our GraphQL API in the API Reference.

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