Subscription Contract

Subscription Contracts are a set of parameters that are applied at a group level to all device groups on the UnaConnect platform. The contracts are created and maintained by the UnaBiz salesperson based on the agreements with the customers.
A contract defines the UnaConnect features and terms (such as start and end dates, max number of devices, or available features such as WiFi geolocation, Firmware Over-the-Air) that are accessible to each customer and their devices.
If your user account role is a Subscriber, on the left menu of the page, click on Subscription Contracts tab to view a list of contracts that have assigned you as the Subscriber.
In the Subscription Contracts section, the table displays an overview of the contract names, the number of active devices in each subscription, the contract start date, status (inactive, active, disabled, expired) and the company name of the contract.
Note: when the device starts to send or use services, it will be monitored by the Contract and the limitations would apply.