Account Roles and Permissions

UnaConnect fully complies with Role-Based Access Control (RBAC). User accounts are granted access to one or many device groups, and within the group you may be permitted to view, add, edit, configure or delete the users, devices, connectors, notifications and firmwares based on the role that has been authorized for you.
The user accounts and their permissions are defined at a group level on UnaConnect. Please refer to the sections of Inviting a Contact to a Group or Removing a Member from a Group for more information.
The following list and table summarize the user account roles and its permissions to specific actions within a device group:
  • Subscriber: Responsible for payment of a subscription contract, has all permissions in the group, can add/remove/edit user roles in groups, create/delete/edit groups, create/delete/edit user roles in the group level, and cannot be removed from the group.
  • Administrator: All permissions in the group except cannot remove Subscriber from the group.
  • Installer: For users who deploy, configure, update or manage devices on the field, can add/remove/edit device configurations in the group.
  • Viewer: For users to view device data as required, can only read/view in the group.