First steps

In this tutorial, we are going to set up from scratch your UnaConnect environment by creating your first group, your first device, and set a callback to your server by using the Connectors.

  • ✅ This tutorial assumes that you have created an account on UnaConnect and you know the essentials of the SIGFOX network. We suggest you to use Postman or other relevant API Development Environment to test UnaConnect. As a middleware, we encourage partners and clients to integrate UnaConnect API to their platform.
  • 🛑 New users need to be invited to join UnaConnect. It can be done by an existing user via UnaConnect Web Console or by the UnaBiz Support team. The credentials will be sent by email. These credentials can be used to access the UnaConnect API, UnaConnect Web Console, and UnaConnect Mobile Connect.

In the case, you just want to test UnaConnect with a third party software such as Postman and not with the Console, here is the steps to follow to get identified:
1. Open "Postman" and click the "Authorization" tab and click the button "Get New Access Token".
2. Set the "Grant Type" as "Authorization Code"
3. Fill out the "Callback URL" to "https://localhost"
4. Fill out the "Auth URL" to ""
5. Fill out the "Client Id" and the "Client Secret" with the information we have provided to you
6. Fill out the "Scope" with "aws.cognito.signin.user.admin email openid profile"
7. Almost there! Click on the button "Request Token, you will see the following page.
8. Enter your credentials and press "Sign In".
9. If the sign in process succeed, you will get two tokens "access token" and "id_token", please, use "access token" to fetch the API
10. After you have got your credentials, you have to fill your request Headers with key "Authorization" and the "access token".