Setting up LORIOT

⚠️ Please finish adding the devices on your network platform and UnaConnect first, then follow the instruction to set up the IoT network authorization. Please refer to Create a new application on LORIOT

  1. Click on Application.
  2. Click on the Application you would like to set up.
  3. Click on Output.
  4. Click on HTTP Push, enter the URL and click on Add Output:

  1. Click on Access Tokens and generate a token, then copy the token.
  2. Go to UnaConnect.
  3. Click on Settings on UnaConnect, and click on the ‘+’ icon on the Authorization section.
  4. Select ‘LORIOT’ and enter the info needed.
    • Name and Application ID: copied from the application info page on LORIOT
    • Authentication Token: copied from the access tokens page on LORIOT
    • Port: 100