For each group of devices, a set of notifications can be configured.
In less than 5 seconds after the triggering factor, the recipients of these notifications will receive an e-mail or a message on the UnaConnect mobile application.
Notifications can be set to inform users in case of failure to push the data, for example in the case the client’s infrastructure is unreachable or when a user modifies or deletes a Connector. Therefore, notifications are a central element, providing real-time monitoring of the status of UnaConnect and the Client’s information system.

For the event notification setting in UnaConnect, there are fields for the notification content that can be customized: Email body, Email subject and App notification text. There are 3 ways to set the notification content:

You can either set a customized text in the desired language, for example Pizza ordered.

To receive the current temperature of an UnaSensor Sense, you can also put variables in your content: Current temperature is {temperature}.
[NOTE] For a specific device type, the list of its variables is available via the Query deviceTypes.

A UnaBell can be pressed short or long and it will send the information to the cloud. Order a {short_count=1:Pizza}{long_count=1:Coke} is an example for a UnaSensor Bell. In this case, you will receive Order a Pizza when you short press your Bell, and Order a Coke when you long-press your bell.
Available operations are : =, >, <, >=, <=, !=