Creating a Group

When you log in to the UnaConnect platform for the first time, there may be no device group on the Group Overview page. If permitted by your role, you can create your own device group and become the administrator of the group by default.

To add a device group:
  1. Once you have logged in to UnaConnect, you will land on the Group Overview page.
  2. Click on the Add New Group button.
  3. In the Create New Group pop up, enter the name you want to give to the device group, select the suitable contract from the Subscription Contract dropdown menu to apply to this group and enter a short description about the group to help distinguish it from others on your group dashboard. For example, you could name your group: UnaSensors, and the description could be: For testing UnaSensors and UnaConnect.
    Note: if you cannot find the suitable contract, please contact the UnaBiz salesperson to create a contract based on the agreed terms and features.
  4. Click on Add to create the device group.
After the device group has been successfully created on UnaConnect, you will land on the Group Dashboard page of a group. The left navigation bar contains the key tabs with most of the functions that you could use or apply to the devices in the group.
⚠ IMPORTANT: The device type added into the group needs to be also allowed in the contract, so that the devices in this group can access the required UnaConnect features. Please refer to the Contract section for more information.
To switch to different device groups available to you on UnaConnect, click on the Current Group dropdown menu on the left navigation bar to see a list of all device groups that can be accessed, then select from the list to switch to the Group Dashboard page of the selected device group.
To return to the Group Overview page, click on the UnaConnect logo on the top left corner.