Groups are the main entity in UnaConnect. Devices and Users are both placed in a group. Each group can host one or multiple instances of Connectors and Notifications.
A device belongs to one group at a time. It can be transferred to a different group by a User with sufficient permission in both groups.
UnaConnect fully complies with Role-Based Access Control (RBAC). Users will be granted roles which will determine the actions they are allowed to perform. A User can be authorized to monitor, add, configure, or remove the Devices placed in the group he belongs to and in all of its sub-groups.
A User can create groups of which he will automatically become an administrator. He can invite other Users to join the group and will grant them equal or lower permission. User Roles are set within a group and their permission will trickle down in its sub-groups. Inherently, UnaConnect doesn’t have any super-administrator.