Uploading a Firmware

Prior to performing the FOTA feature over LTE-M or Bluetooth (via the UnaInside Mobile App), you will need to add the new firmware file, product ID and firmware version information as provided by UnaBiz on to the UnaConnect platform.
If you do not have the new firmware file, or do not know the product ID and firmware version information, please contact UnaBiz Salesperson.

To add a firmware:
  1. Click on the Current Group dropdown menu on the left navigation bar to see a list of all device groups that can be accessed, then select from the list to switch to the Group Dashboard page of the device group to perform the FOTA process.
  2. On the left navigation bar, click on the Firmwares tab, and the Firmware page is displayed.
  3. In the All Firmwares section, click on the + add button or click on the Add New Firmware button if no firmware has been uploaded before.
  4. In the Add New Firmware pop up, enter the product ID and firmware version information as provided by UnaBiz.
  5. Click on the Upload File button and select the firmware bin file provided by UnaBiz in your local directory.
  6. Click on the Add button to upload the firmware file to the UnaConnect platform.
Please take note of the following measures designed to ensure that all devices in the group are aligned and updated to the same and latest firmware:
  • When multiple firmware files are uploaded on UnaConnect in the device group, the latest or newest firmware version will always be used for FOTA.
  • After the firmware has been updated on the device, any firmware version that is older than the device firmware cannot be updated to the device (no back track is available).
After the prerequisites above have been completed on the UnaConnect platform, you are ready to perform FOTA over LTEM-M or Bluetooth (via the UnaInside Mobile App).