Device types supported

UnaConnect includes a wide range of device types, both commercially available and custom-made by UnaBiz for its partners following the technical specifications of the device, particularly its payload description.
Each device must be given a device type as it includes the set of rules, values, and translation methods that UnaConnect will perform when every time a message is received or when an administrator changes the configuration of a device.
UnaConnect supports the following types :
  • UnaSensors V0 (Sense, Bell, Motion, Beacon and Protect)
  • UnaSensors V1 (Sense, Bell, Motion, Beacon and Protect)
  • Sensatag v1.0
  • Sens'It Monarch v1.0
  • UnaMIU v1.0
  • NiciNCU v1.0
  • PEA Streetlight v1.0
  • KEGFOX v1.0
  • UPIDO v1.0
  • IceConnect v1.0
If you want to connect a new type of device, please contact Valentin KAO ( by providing the payload documentation necessary.