Exploring Telemetry Data

The Telemetry Data tab displays the messages containing the quality of the signal measured by the number of Sigfox network base stations that received the messages, the RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) for each message and the radio configuration zone. The telemetry data is based on the Sigfox network and is only available if Sigfox data-advanced callback is set up for Sigfox network devices.
In the Graph section:
  1. Click on the Metrics dropdown menu to select if you want to visualize signal score, number of base stations or average RSSI.
  2. Enter the Tick Total value to change the scale of the horizontal axis.
In the Signal data section:
  1. The table displays the timestamp of each message, the signal score, average RSSI, number of Sigfox base stations and the radio configuration for each message sent from the device.
  2. The data and raw messages are based on the different device types, modes and events that triggered each of the messages to be sent from the device.
Please refer to the Signal Score section for more information.