As an IoT Middleware, UnaConnect collects data from a fleet of connected devices and pushes these messages to the client's infrastructure once translated and enriched.
To ensure a flawless integration, a range of connected devices using Sigfox low-power connectivity is compatible and available in UnaConnect. Some of these devices are available on the market, like the UnaSensors, a range of smart IoT sensors developed by UnaBiz, the SensaTag WiFi developed by SensaTag, or the SensIt developed by SigFox. Other devices can be added to UnaConnect by our team of experts.
Thanks to its high scalability, UnaConnect can handle a virtually unlimited number of devices.

Message containing the data parsed from the payload received from the device (e.g. the temperature) at a timestamp t

Message containing description of the event that happened (e.g. acknowledgment, sigfox network error) at a timestamp t

Message containing the coordinates (latitude and longitude and the radius of precision of a device at timestamp t

Message containing the quality of the signal of a device and SIGFOX at timestamp t. It provides the number of base stations that have received the message, the RSSI for each message, and the radio configuration zone.