Retry Policy and Storing Policy

To ensure the continuity of service and avoid the loss of any messages, UnaConnect will store all the messages until they are safely delivered to the Client's infrastructure through the chosen Connectors. UnaConnect uses highly scalable storage on AWS to spool all translated and enriched messages.
If, for any reason, the transmission of these messages could not occur, UnaConnect will follow the rules set by the Client regarding the Retry Policy. Both the number of transmission reattempts and the delay between them can be chosen for each group of Devices.
Designed to work in conjunction with the Notification system, as soon as a failure is detected in the Client's infrastructure, an alert can be sent to the system administrator or the product manager. The Retry Policy then starts and as soon as the servers are running all the messages received will be delivered, ensuring a flawless and continuous service, often without requiring the intervention of an administrator.