MQTT is a publish/subscribe protocol that is lightweight and event driven, which enables messages to be pushed to clients.
:::tip How does it work? In MQTT a publisher publishes messages on a topic and a subscriber must subscribe to that topic to view the message. The connection between publishers and subscribers is handled by a broker, it filters and distributes messages to subscribers. There is no direct connection between the publisher and the subscriber! :::
All clients are required to have a client name and ID and are able to publish and subscribe. The client name is used by the MQTT broker to track subscriptions.
:::info note The client name shall be unique to prevent a loop of disconnect and connect. :::

  • Password: password for authorization
  • Client Identifier: the client ID which must be unique
  • Port: MQTT port on the broker
  • Topic: topic address for subscribing
  • URI: the destination for UnaConnect to send the data
  • Username: username for authorization