Creating a Connector

To add a connector:
  1. Click on the Current Group dropdown menu on the left navigation bar to see a list of all device groups that can be accessed, then select from the list to switch to the Group Dashboard page of the device group.
  2. On the left navigation bar, click on the Connectors tab, and the Connectors page is displayed.
  3. In the All Connectors section, click on the + add button or click on the Add New Connector button if no connector has been created before.
  4. In the Add a new Connector pop up, select the connector type.
  5. Enter the name and a short description about the connector to help distinguish it from other connectors.
  6. If the connector is applied to all device types in the group, then click on the All Types checkbox. If you wish to set up the connector for a specific device type in the group, untick the checkbox then click on the Device Types dropdown menu and select the device type for the connector.
  7. Click on the Filter dropdown menu and select a suitable data type (data, event, geolocation or telemetry) to filter for the connector.
    Note: If you specify a connector for the data type "data" then no other data type will be pushed through this connector.
  8. Click on the Format dropdown menu and select a suitable format for the connector.
  9. Depending on the connector type and format selected, different input fields for the connector parameters are displayed in the pop up. Enter the applicable information or select the suitable options to set up the connector.
  10. Click on the Add button to confirm the configured connector.