Connectors are the main bridges between UnaConnect and the end user information system.
All the messages sent from the devices are received by UnaConnect, which aggregates these data from their raw format to a set of variables with values that can be pushed through one or multiple connectors and onto the end user platform.
UnaConnect supports a wide range of connectors including standard low-level protocols such as HTTPS, UDP or MQTT or ready to use adapters for the most common commercial solutions.
You can configure the connectors based on your infrastructure information such as URL, credential and JSON descriptor etc. and immediately start receiving messages from your devices via the UnaConnect connectors.

To view the list of connectors for the devices in a group:
  1. Click on the Current Group dropdown menu on the left navigation bar to see a list of all device groups that can be accessed, then select from the list to switch to the Group Dashboard page of the device group.
  2. On the left navigation bar, click on the Connectors tab, and the Connectors page is displayed.
  3. On this page, the connector name, connector type, its parameters and status are displayed for each of the configured connectors.