AWS IoT Core

AWS IoT Core is a managed cloud service that enables connected devices to securely interact with cloud applications and other devices. It provides the services that connect your IoT devices to the AWS Cloud so that other cloud services and applications can interact with your internet-connected devices.
What services does it PROVIDE?
  • AWS IoT Core messaging services: secure communication with the IoT devices and manage the messages that pass between them and AWS IoT
  • AWS IoT Core control services: device security, management, and registration features
  • AWS IoT Core data services: a reliable application experience even with devices that are not always connected
  • AWS IoT Core support service: voice service integration and shared network integration

  • AWS Access Key ID: user ID for authorization
  • AWS Secret Access Key: password for authorization
  • AWS endpoint: your service endpoint in AWS account
  • Topic: topic address for subscribing
  • AWS Region: region that AWS IoT Core supports