Apps using UnaConnect API

UnaConnect is a Middleware Cloud Platform for IoT Device Management developed and maintained by UnaBiz.
UnaConnect allows you to remotely onboard and update a large and diverse fleet of IoT devices, to collect and process data across different networks. Simplify devices integration and deliver aggregated data to multiple end platforms in a secure, reliable and cost-efficient manner.
Being a cloud-based serverless solution, UnaConnect allows millions of devices to safely and reliably communicate. It is a web application and the first implementation of UnaConnect API that is developed to showcase the uses of all the features available on UnaConnect.

Cross-platform mobile application (iOS and Android) using UnaConnect API are also available for the user to visualize the data of their devices and have a quick view of their connectors status in few clicks.

This is an iOS application concept that renders Augmented Reality 3D panels of your sensors, showing real-time data and their configuration.