Certified Location

Certified Location provides higher success rates of geolocation even at private properties that are ‘off the grid’. It complements the lack of data from geolocation providers and works independently and jointly with Locate WiFi service.
Certified Location also helps you to cost-efficiently build and manage your own prviate geolocation database(s) of locations and scanned MAC addresses with your Android mobile.

  1. Download UnaConnect Certified Location app from Google Play.
  2. Login to the app with the same credential information provided by UnaBiz.
  3. Turn on your WiFi and allow the app to use your location.
  4. Click on + to create a location group.
  5. Then you can start to add locations into the group.

  1. Scan the WiFi.
  2. Select from the list of SSID and MAC addresses.
  3. Select the location group.
  4. Enter the location name and the radius in meters.
  5. Then click on Create Location.